To find out more about our specialties, please consult the pages below for what we have to offer.

  • Sport Translation
  • CV Translation
  • Translation of restaurant menus
  • Fashion industry translations
  • Cosmetics industry translation

Here at Traduzione Milano we offer a wide range of transaltion specialties, so see more on how we fit into your translation needs. We have strict guidelines to follow before final submission, which means quality is of the utmost importance in our work. At the same time, we never scrap or sacrifice creativity and originality when we are on strict deadlines.

However, our specialties do not limit us to only the above categories of translation. We have collaborated on products that go well beyond the topics listed above, as we are always open to any and every type of translation possible.

In the past, we have encountered various translation subjects, and the following lists just a few of our past works:


  • Legal contract translation
  • Web site Translation
  • Company brochure translation
  • Event flyer translation
  • Book cover translation
  • Abstracts for research projects
  • Museum and monument translation
  • Magazine article translation
  • And much, much more.


Have a browse around our specialty pages to get a better understanding of Traduzione Milano language services, or save yourself some time and contact us directly at info@traduzionemilano.it.