Fashion translation

Italian fashion is truly one-of-a-kind, and to properly express all the effort, planning, and idealization that goes into a single garment, translation most certainly cannot be overlooked.

Traduzione Milano and fashion translation

English is the native language of fashion, and companies simply can’t afford to ignore it. Proper communication is essential, especially for companies that launch complex, intricate marketing campaigns and/or product lines, resulting in a boost to both visibility and international sales..

Traduzione Milano is synonymous with Italian to English fashion translation establishing itself as the industry leader in this sector, with some of Italy’s biggest brands in our client portfolio. The experience we bring as a team cannot be matched by any other translation team, having spent ample time as the lead translation team for brands that reach over millions on a daily basis.

Services in Italian to English fashion translation include:

  • Social media posts
  • Newsletters for the English language market
  • Website translation
  • Seasonal catalogues
  • Marketing campaign launches
  • Blog posts

Fashion is limitless. Every season we see new trends, new clothing and new consumer obsessions. Few sectors offer such a challenge, and fortunately, Traduzione Milano's translation expertise offers a solution in native, specialized English translation.